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St. Rita's Day 2017 will be available to watch live at 12 noon on Monday 22nd May.

Follow the link.


There will also be a short video of the preparations being made for the day


St. Rita's feast day 2017

On Monday 22nd May Bishop Mark O'Toole, Bishop of Plymouth will celebrate Mass at St. Rita's Centre and bless the roses for distribution to the sick.


Mass will be live on YouTube - more details here nearer the date.


The choir from St. Nicholas RC School, Exeter will sing during the distribution of Holy Communion.


Join us in person if you can or via YouTube if you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone.


Novena in honour of St. Joseph

The letter to our Friends for the feast of St. Joseph is being posted on 17th March.

Our novena in honour of St. Joseph starts on 11th March and finishes on Monday 20th March - normally the 19th March but transfered because the 19th is a Sunday.  To join in please contact St. Rita's Promotions 01404 42535.  


Lent Day of Recollection

Our Lent Day of Recollection will be on Saturday 18th March at St Rita's Centre, Honiton.  Welcome at 10.30am. First Talk at 11.00am  The day will offer an opportuntiy for Confession and will finish with Mass at approx. 3.30pm.


If you would like to come please email us at or telephone us at 01404 42635 and we will be pleased to add your name to the list of people coming,


Cost for the day including lunch £25.00



At this Christmas Season and throughout the New Yaer may you be blessed with every happiness.

From all at St. Rita's Centre, Honiton


Sad news from Cascia

We have just heard that Cascia did sustain structural damage in the earthquake on 30th October.  The nuns have left the convent and the Basilica has been boarded up.  Part of the dome fell into the Basilica making it very unsafe.The nuns were in tears as they left and very frightened.


Please keep the nuns and all the residents of Cascia and the surrounding area in your prayers.


If we get any more news we will pass it on.


Advent Day of Recollection

Our Advent Day of Recollection will take place on Saturday 10th December from 10.30am - approx 4.30pm.  The day will be led by Fr. Hugh Corrigan O.A.R.  Cost is just £25 and includes lunch.  To apply please email or telephone the office on 01404 42635 and we will make a note of your name.


Earthquake in Umbria

Fr. Gerald has spoken to members of his Order who are based in Rome and they informed him that Cascia and Rocaporenna are both safe.   It is very sad to see the devastation in Norcia and how fortunate we were to be able to visit the town in June and have Mass in St. Benedetto Church which is now in ruins.  

Please pray for all the people affected by the earthqaukes and the rescue services who work so hard to help them.


Our Lady of Consolation

The Novena to Our Lady of Consolations begins today and finisheson 4th September.

Novena prayers are available on out Novena Prayers page.



A moderate earthquake in Cascia was reported on Wednesday 24th August.  It measured 4.5mag at a depth of 10km.  No significant injuries or damage reported at this point.


Please pray for the victims of the earthquake in Umbria on Wednesday.

St. Rita Pray for us.


Our Spanish visitors go home

For the past two weeks a group of Spanish Students have been at St. Rita's Centre learning English.  They go home on Saturday 16th July and another group arrives next week.


2016 Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage 2016

to Cascia & Roccaporena

in Italy


On Monday 20th June at 7.30am 31 pilgrims left Stansted Airport to fly to Perugia and on to Cascia and Roccaporena in Umbria to follow in the footsteps of St. Rita of Cascia.  We had hoped to leave the rain in England, but no, it was raining in Perugia.  No one seemed to mind as we are used to the rain, the heat wave that followed for the next 5 days did overwhelm us.  Determined pilgrims, no one complained and we walked for miles under the guidance of Daniela, our guide.

                Our first visit was to Perugia and then on to Assisi for lunch, a tour of the town made famous by St. Francis.  Mass was scheduled to be said in the Basilica but to our surprise we were shown into the Monastery and had Mass in the Chapel - a very special and rare opportunity for visitors to Assisi.


The theme for our week was ‘A Journey of Faith’ taking St. Rita as our example and following

the story of her life from early childhood, through marriage, widowhood, death of her two sons, her life as a Religious, her stigmata and finally her death in Cascia.


            Day 2 we had Mass in St. Rita’s Basilica in Cascia followed by a tour of St. Rita’s Convent, the Basilica and the town.  After lunch we had a guided tour of Roccaporena and then eighteen of our 31 pilgrims walked up to the top of Prayer Mountain in Roccaporena.  For those who climbed the mountain the views of Umbria are magnificent and a reward for their effort.  Once at the top we sat outside the Chapel said a decade of the rosary, sang a hymn and sat to enjoy the peace of this unique place.


On day 3 we travelled to Montelfalco – known as the ‘Balcony of Umbria’.  We visited the convent of the Augustinan sisters and the home of St. Clare of the Cross.  The sisters gave us a guided tour of their convent and we were very privileged to be allowed into the gardens of the convent.  We also visited San Francesco church and Sant’Agostino church; then on to Bevagna at the foot of the Montefalco Hills.  Then back to Roccaporena for Mass at Santuario de Santa Rita (right) where St. Rita was married and where her parents, husband and 2 sons are buried.

 On day 4 we took life at a slower pace.  We went just a few miles to Norcia, the birthplace of St. Benedict.     Mass was celebrated in the Basilica di San Benedetto in Norcia.   The afternoon was free for everyone to do what they wanted.  In the evening our hotel laid on a celebration meal for us which was a wonderful surprise and a treat for everyone.


Our ‘Journey of Faith’ took us to some sites of religious importance in the Italian Region of Umbria; all of them gave us inspiration to continue on our journey.  No one fell or got injured, we laughed, we ate together, we travelled by coach together, we flew together, but most important of all we prayed together.   St. Rita is a remarkable saint; the pilgrims on our journey are witness to that.  In the year of Mercy Pope Francis has urged everyone to re-read her extraordinary human and spiritual experience as a sign of the Power of God’s Mercy.

St. Rita is the patron saint of: sterility abuse victims, marriage difficulties, parenthood, widows, the sick, bodily ills and wounds.







St. Rita's Day, Honiton, Devon 2016

We had a wonderful celebration for our patron saint on her feast day 22nd May - the feast of St. Rita of Cascia.  Mass was celebrated in the marquee especially put up in the grounds of St. Rita's Centre; the principal celebrant was Rev. Gerardo Cortes Gonzalez O.A.R. a Mexican who works with the Hispanic Chaplaincy in London.  

Over 350 people came from all over the country  to share in the feast day; each person was given a blessed rose at the end of Mass to take home for a sick friend or loved one.

Some photos which capture the solemnity of the Mass.







St Rita's Day 2016

Mass at 12 noon followed by the Blessing of the roses for the sick at St Rita's Centre, Honiton, Devon.

Benediction at 3.30pm.

2 shops open all day.

Free tea and coffee, please bring a packed lunch.


A saint for our time

Novena the magazine of Catholic devotion has printed an article on St. Rita of Cascia in their Spring/Summer issue which is on sale now for £3.50 

St. Rita's life was outstanding and an example to everyone of us in the 21st century.  As a wife, mother, widow and religious she gives insiration to all who come and know and love her.


St. Rita's Day 2016

Sunday 22nd May.

Tea/coffee available from 10am

Mass at 12noon.  

If you are planning to join us please remember to bring a packed lunch, hot drinks will be available all day (free).  2 shops will be open all day and the day closes with Benediction at 3.30pm.


We look forward to seeing you.


Happy customers

'Thank you for your warm hospitality and fantastic array of freshly made food, I can assure you when we next have a course running it will be a pleasure to use your conference centre again'.   Comment in a letter from Tilhill Forestry, March 2016


St. Rita's Day 2016

Sunday 22nd May 2016 the feast of St. Rita of Cascia.  Mass at 12 noon.

Benediction at 3.30pm.

St. Rita shop open all day.

Plenty of car parking space.


Two NEW books

St. Rita of Cascia - God's Gift To Us - 1381-1447

A new look at the life of St Rita: a wife, mother and widow by Patricia Gough a wife, mother and widow.  £3.50 from St. Rita's Promotions.  

The Grateful Disciple Daring to be Loved by David Wells.  A follow on book from The Reluctant Disciple offering more insights into scripture, based on his own experience.

£9.95 from St Rita's Promotions.



Feast of St Augustine

Happy Feast day to all Augustinian Recollects and members of the Augustinian community.


Stock On-line

We have added some of our stock to our web site.  St Rita statues, mugs, medals etc. Some of the books, bibles and prayer books we have in stock and all our Mass and greetings cards.  Have a look and see if there is anything you might like to purchase on-line using your credit or debit card.


Coming soon: Baptism, Holy Communion and Confirmation gifts and cards.



We are planning to take a pilgrimage to St. Rita of Cascia in June 2016.  If you are interested in joining us please send your details in to the office.


Dates: Monday 20th to Friday 24th June, flying from Stanstead to Perugia then by coach to Rocaporrena.

Cost £670 based on 30 people travelling.


Message of St Rita

St. Rita’s Retreat & Conference Centre

Ottery Moor Lane, Honiton, Devon EX14 1AP

Tel: 01404 42635.  Email:


St. Rita’s Day 2015                                                  


                St. Rita continues to spread the message of happiness and joy; from heaven she intercedes for all who need her help and that power of intercession has led to her being called the “The saint of the impossible”.  She was happy because she fulfilled her divine mission in the Church and she continues to be vigilant and attentive to those in need.  To this day St Rita remains a rôle model for life. Devotion to St Rita is, in reality, an encounter with God in Jesus Christ; St Rita is God’s gift to us.


St. Rita was a humble person and the way in which she led her life is an example to us. She teaches us to accept suffering with love, to forgive from the bottom of our hearts, to promote peace with enthusiasm and diligence. What makes her special is her ‘normality’ from her childhood in Roccaporena to her old age in the convent in Cascia; she lived in humility and is now known throughout the world for her heroic Christian life as a wife, mother, widow and religious.  Rita would have found her faith an enormous source of strength to her, especially as a woman of peace in a period of unrest.

Each year in our shop we try to introduce new items to celebrate and commemorate St. Rita.  This year we have notelets at £2.50 for 10, postcards 45p each and tea towels £4.50 each, all featuring a picture of St. Rita, the St. Rita Rose and St. Rita’s Centre. The St. Rita mug is still on sale at £7.50 and the St. Rita candle for £2.50.   They are all available on request from St Rita’s Promotions by post, email or phone (details at the top of this letter).  A new book on the Life of St. Rita is in the ‘pipe-line’ and we hope it will be available later in the year; we will let you know when it has been published and the cost.


                Every year in the office we receive many letters telling us about favours received through St. Rita’s intercession with our blessed Lord.  If you have a story to tell us we would be delighted to hear from you; we may even put them all together for another book.


                Those of us who work to promote St. Rita have had another busy year; over 24,000 items of post have been sent out from our office and the build up to the feast day this year was an extremely busy period for us.  We all enjoy our work and it is lovely to meet some of you when you are on holiday in the area and call in to see us and to visit the Centre to pray at the Shrine in the Chapel; and to talk to you on the phone is always a pleasure.


 Patricia Gough,

Office Administrator



St Rita's Day

Fr. John Watkins celebrates Mass on the feast of St Rita of Cascia 2015.


Our Hire charges and catering costs

St. Rita’s Retreat & Conference Centre

Ottery Moor Lane

Honiton, Devon EX14 1AP

01404 42635/42601



Details of Hire charges and Catering from April 2015.

Day bookings:         ½ day £88.00 – morning, afternoon or evening.

                                    Full day £160.00 9am – 5pm.


Catering:      Finger buffet - sausage rolls, vol-u-vents etc.                        £8.00 per head

                        Sandwich lunch (sandwiches only) with fruit.                       £5.00 per head

   Jacket potato lunch – choice of fillings with salad garnish                      £6.50 per head

                                                                                                                 Homemade Soup, roll & fruit                           £5.00 per head

Other meals:          2 course knife & fork        £10.50

                                  3 course knife and fork    £14.50


Residential Groups:         Minimum number 12.

£55per person per day for full board and use of facilities at St. Rita’s Centre


Celebration meals served in the Dining room  -  minimum 20 people.

Wedding anniversaries, birthdays etc.

            2 course        £17.50

            3 course        £22.50


Hire of Parlour:      £20 per hour.



Christian Resources Exhibition

St. Rita's Centre had a stand at the CRE on the 10th and 11th February.  We spent 16 hours talking about the Centre to many interested people.  The two days went by very quickly and the 3 of us that attended enjoyed the experience of meeting and talking to so many lovely people.  The photo shows 2 of the ladies talking to two people.


The Journey so far...

This booklet: St. Rita's Promotions from January 1956 traces the humble beginnings of St. Rita's Promotions in the 1950's; a history of the developement of St. Rita's Promotions up until 2014.

Available on request from St. Rita's Promotions; the booklet is free but a donation to cover postage would be appreciated.




NEW VIDEO is on our Home Page NOW!!

A Tour of St. Rita's Retreat & Conference Centre, the grounds, the rooms, our shop and all the facilities. I hope you enjoy viewing our Centre.


Also on YouTube.


St Ezekiel Moreno

Born in Alfaro (La Rioja, Spain) on 9th April 1848, he professed his vows in the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Monteagudo (Navarra) in 1865.  He was ordained priest in Manila in 1871 and worked for 15 years as a missionary in the Philippines.  Friar Ezekiel was elected prior of the monastery of Montagudo in 1885, he left for Columbia in 1888 where he restored the Augustinian Recollect Order and reactivated the old missions.  Named Apostolic Vicar of Casanare (1893) and Bishop of Pasto (1896), he was a model pastor for his fidelity to the Church and his apostolic zeal.  He fell ill and in 1906 returned to Spain were he died of cancer on 19th August of the same year in the monastery of Monteagudo.  Innumerable cures, especially of cancer, are attributed to his intercession.  Beatified on 1st November 1975, he was canonised on 11th October 1992 in Santo Domingo on the occasion of the V Century of the Evangeisation of America.

Prayer  O God, in St. Ezekiel Moreno, You have given us a model of fidelity to the Gospel and of a pastor according to the Sacred Heart of Your Son.  Grant us, through his intercession, that we might give ourselves fully to Him by joyfully living our Christian witness and consecrating ourselves to the service of Your Church.  Through Xhrist our Lord.  Amen.


Do you need help with your Retreat?

Are you looking for a place for your Retreat or  Conference at reasonable rates?  Maybe St Rita's Retreat & Conference Centre in Devon is just the place for you. 

For your residential stay we will provide:

  • full board 
  • all drinks (tea, coffee)
  • towels and bed linen in all rooms
  • ensuite rooms
  • rooms with views of either the gardens or the rolling East Devon hills at no extra charge
  • free  car parking space
  • room combinations are 6 single, 6 twin and 3 family rooms (33 beds)
  • all charges are per person per night and there are no hidden extra charges
  • A £50 deposit will secure all bookings.

For more information ring: 01404 42635 or email us at: 

We look forward to hearing from you.


                                     St. Rita's Retreat & Conference Centre.


Book of Prayer

If you would like us to add the anme of someone you would like us to pray for please let us have their name and we will enter their name in our Book of Prayer.  They will be prayed for each day at Mass in St Rita's Chapel.


If you would like to send a petition to be placed at the Shrine of St Rita you can email us at


The St Rita Rose

The St Rita Rose

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is a quote by William Shakespeare from his play Romeo and Juliet.  At Rita’s Centre we have our own rose; a new rose called ‘The St Rita Rose’.   



"Earlier this year I purchased a St Rita Rose  bush for my wife (her  name is Rita) as a gift for her feast day.  It is flourishing and has been blooming continuously - it is a delightful addition to our small garden.  Thank you for bringing it to our attention"

(name withheld but kept on file in the office)



The rose has been cultivated and named in honour of this incredible ‘Saint of the Helpless’.  The story of St Rita’s life tells us that in January 1457 as Rita lay dying, she asked a relative to bring her a rose from the garden at her old home, a strange request in January.  The relative went to the garden and there she found a lone rose in bloom.  The rose was soon in Rita’s room, which we are told soon became full of the scent of roses.  


                On St Rita’s feast day, Sunday 22nd May, there will be Mass followed by the blessing and distribution of roses for the sick at 12noon at St Rita’s Centre, Honiton.   Following Mass the new rose will be blessed and planted at the Centre by Fr Gerald Wilson, Vicar Provincial of the Order of Augustinian Recollects.     The rose is a beautiful lemon/yellow floribunda chosen because yellow is the symbol of joy, happiness, optimism, idealism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, gold and philosophy and is available to anyone from World of Roses £12.95 and for each rose bush sold St Rita’s Centre will receive a £2 donation. 

To Order a St Rita Rose bush telephone: 08452 606888.  Web Site:


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